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Company Name: Victor Robot (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. 
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   ShenZhen Victor Automation Technology Co., Ltd.   


         ShenZhen Victor Automation Technology Co.,Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise of national,she was specializing in R&D industrial intelligent equipment and manufacturing, also system integration in applications, as well as the factory overall case solution of wisdom.


          Victor have the core-technology team that is base on foreign advanced technology for 20 years, have the courage to the exploring and innovative, has acquired a number of core technologies in the field of intelligent equipment with independent intellectual property rights , independent R&D and manufacturing of industrial robots, has been widely used ing plastic injection molding ,CNC metal processing,metal stamping, automatic spraying, stacking handing ,metal welding and other fields, especially in high-speed thin walled injection taken out ,injection molding inserts and automation solutions on CNC metalworking whole case and other segments , we have the ingenious design and core technology made be the industry leader status.


           “Everything for the customers”is our new concept, it was throughout the entire process in the quality control system of Victor, Victor’s mission will be “create value for customers”, and commit to practice”Chinese wisdom made 2025”.

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