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About us

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Stay empty, only you!

You must be concerned about the outdated concepts of "industry 4.0", "unmanned factory" and "machine substitution".

Witter is caught up with this wave of industrial revolution and the tide of a "dark horse"!

A focus on industrial robots, robots and other high-end intelligent equipment research and development, manufacturing company!

A unique innovative company!

A company that allows you to be creative!

Company barbaric growth, is constantly looking for industry technology, sales, management elite to join; If you see the future trend, looking forward to new challenges, whether it is new or experienced professionals, join our team, you will get unexpected gains.

Recruitment position:

1, a deputy general manager, the age of 35 years of age or older, more than 10 years management experience in manufacturing enterprises, machinery and equipment industry experience is preferred, with advanced modern enterprise management concept and bold pioneering spirit, is good at company governance structure and the enterprise standard system construction, and project planning, risk management, performance management, such as ability, strong execution.

2. One financial controller, bachelor degree or above, with professional qualification certificate of accountant or above, familiar with capital operation and national fiscal, taxation and securities policies, good at corporate financial planning, cost control, with certain financing channels and capital docking resources.


3. A manager of r & d department, college degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical integration, aged over 35, rich mechanical and electrical design and development ability and experience, able to organize a team to complete the overall solution of automation, excellent technical and management skills, experience in the same industry is preferred.

4, a sales manager, college degree or above, good at marketing planning, quick thinking, good communication skills, have the ability to build and lead the sales team and experience, have a certain degree of contacts in the automation industry and customer resources.

5. Three electrical engineers, college degree or above, majoring in mechanical and electrical integration, familiar with mechanical and electrical, pneumatic principle and application, proficient in single-chip microcomputer, PLC language programming and servo control debugging, familiar with six-axis intelligent robot software programming, user is preferred.

Five six, mechanical engineer, mechanical and electrical integration professional, love the mechanical design, have good creativity and compressive ability, mechanical design and manufacturing automation or related major, familiar with mastering the basic knowledge of mechanical structure and electrical components selection calculation and mechanical processing technology, skilled CAD, PROE and SOLIDWORKS drawing software, can independently complete solution, there are six axis robot structure design and programming experience is preferred.

7. Network promotion specialist, with Internet marketing concept, good at network promotion planning and marketing operation, familiar with the company's website, chengxin tong, official WeChat platform operation management, good language skills, English is preferred.

8, 20 salesmen, junior college or above education level (accept this year's graduates), motivated and enterprising, can bear hardships and stand hard work, communication, language ability is good, have a certain amount of plastics, CNC industry customer resources can relax the recruitment conditions.

Victor is not a big company now, it can not provide you with a sense of superiority, but it is undoubtedly the most growth potential of the company, can provide you with enough space and platform for development!

If you have the ability to have the ambition, if you have the sense of responsibility, have to take on! Willing to work with wittel to win the world, grow and share together, willing to accept jump, come on! Your harvest is beyond imagination!

Still hesitate what, hurriedly and we contact!



Victor talent philosophy:

Victor didn't hire,

We're just looking for partners!

Today, witter is proud of you;

Tomorrow, you're proud of whittle!

The boss just built the wittle platform,

Because of your contribution, the value of the wittel!

No pains, no gains;

Victor, grow with you!






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