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Industrial manipulators: the development of the national economy has broad prospects
Introduction: Industrial manipulators are high-tech automated production equipment developed in recent decades and an important branch of industrial robots. At present, domestic manipulators are mainly used in machine tool processing, casting and forging, heat treatment, etc., and the quantity, variety and performance cannot meet the needs of industrial production development.
Chinese robot market is heating up
In 2013, robots and 3D printing were repeatedly “warmed” by the market. Judging from the stocks of many emerging industries, the robotic concept stocks with strong performance in the past two months undoubtedly have broad development prospects, and the institutional recognition is also in a higher position.
Research and application of three servo manipulators in injection molding machine
With the rapid development of the injection molding industry, the existing full pneumatic manipulators and single servo manipulators for injection molding machines have not been able to meet the needs of users. This paper takes the three-axis servo manipulator for injection molding machine as the research object. For the manipulator model, the finite element method is used for analysis and optimization to find the best structure. The control system of the three servo manipulators was developed by combining the touch screen and the motion controller. The method of selecting the capacity of the servo motor was given by calculation. The performance of the motor is optimized through experiments. Introduction The robot is capable of imitating the functions of the human hand and the arm.
Analysis of the status quo of domestic manufacturing industry: robot application is the trend of the times
Recently, the online edition of Forbes magazine published an article saying that the biggest threat to China's economy is not from real estate and infrastructure bubbles,
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