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Plastic molding series--Tautriaxial servo manipulator

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Product name

Plastic molding series--Tautriaxial servo manipulator

product description

Plastic molding series--Tautriaxial servo manipulator


Designed for large-scale injection molding machine designed for clamping force of up to 2000T,a large home appliance industrial automation choice!




--For heavy-duty products designed for clamping force 1000-4000T large injection molding machine can remove the product 50-100KG.




The Man-machine Interface

Product advantages


-Training time is short and program is easy to learn,including movement,process,time setting and formed interface.

-Real-time fault detection and prompt, integrated I/O display

-The system is security and reliable, reminding when operation system made by mistake.


-A7.5-inch LCD screen(touch and buttons)

-It canrealize circular arc interpolation and linear interpolation,save pick-up time

-It can realizemulti-point picking up in intramode

-It can realize the current program storage,save the time of adjustment.

-Support multiple languages (Chinese,Traditional Chinese character,English,Japanese,Korean,Thai)

-it has completed operation pattern,can stackable,arrangement,packing,free placement,external shear

-One-step operation function,can single step by step into the debugging.

-It can completely diagnostic text errors and time recording




    The full-servo high-speed manipulator of the VH series adopts the bus communication control system, which has fast response speed, accurate positioning and strong anti-interference ability. It can realize ultra-high speed operation of the robot, allowing the in-mold time of less than 1 second, and With a cycle time of less than 5 seconds, it can be used for fast applications such as high-speed pick-up of thin-walled products. It can connect to the Internet and mobile client through the Ethernet interface, realize remote monitoring, programming and other human-computer interaction, and easily complete more complicated work. The system is not equipped with a variety of IO interfaces, which can expand the control functions of upstream and downstream auxiliary equipment such as visual IML and CCD, and realize automatic feeding, in-mold insert embedding, in-mold labeling, product pick-up, stacking and packing, and cutting nozzle. A series of fully automated unmanned operations such as connection power-on detection help customers save labor costs and save production space, thereby reducing environmental and human hazards and improving production efficiency and economic benefits.

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