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Victor is a national high-tech certification enterprise, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of industrial robots, injection molding manipulators, stamping manipulators, cnc manipulators, automatic production equipment for optical lenses and other non-standard automation equipment.

A unique and innovative company!

A company that lets you unleash your creativity!

The company is growing steadily, and is constantly looking for "tiger" people to join our team, accept new challenges and opportunities, and you will get unexpected gains!

Recruitment Position

1. Mechanical design engineers: 5, college degree or above, major in mechatronics, familiar with non-standard automated mechanical structure design and electromechanical, pneumatic principles and applications, proficient in CAD, PROE and SOLIDWORKS and other drawing software, more than 3 years of relevant work experience , Can independently complete the solution, have experience in research and development of optical lenses, optical lens industry automation equipment (lens ink coating machine, glue dispensing and laminating machine, lens assembly line, etc.) or experience with a research and development team is preferred.

2. Three industrial control and electrical engineers, requiring more than 3 years of experience in automation equipment development, electrical diagram design, PLC program design, writing technical documents, etc.; have a deep understanding of automation control, proficient in electrical principles, and familiar with KEYENCE\OMRON\ Mitsubishi\Panasonic and other brands of PLC programming, vision fusion, experience in man-machine interface, servo/stepping motor, motion control, manipulator programming, etc., can independently complete the development of PLC programs for non-standard equipment.

3. There are 5 mechanical drafters, college diploma or above, with CAD, PROE and SOLIDWORKS and other drawing software foundations.

4. There are 5 salespersons, with a high school education or above, self-motivated and enterprising, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, good communication and language skills, and those who have certain customer resources in the plastic and numerical control industries can relax the recruitment conditions.

5. Five after-sales technicians, who are required to be familiar with mechanical and electronic maintenance and assembly technology, able to solve problems independently, have a strong sense of responsibility, and those with a driver's license above C1 are preferred.

6. Two warehouse managers, high school or above, serious and responsible work, more than 1 year of work experience, familiar with the ERP management system is preferred.

7. Mechanical and electrical assembly workers, 20 wiring workers, both raw and skilled

Treatment conditions: basic salary + performance bonus + year-end bonus + business commission (salesman) + equity incentive (core technical personnel who meet certain conditions).

Comprehensive salary income, general workers: 4500-8000 yuan/month, technicians 6000-15000 yuan/month, engineers 8000-30000 yuan/month.

Victor is not a big company yet, but it is undoubtedly the company with the most growth potential, which can provide you with enough space and platform for development! the

Salary conditions, if you dare to ask, I will give it to you!

If you are capable and ambitious, you are willing to start a business with us and win the world!

If you are responsible, take responsibility!

If you are willing to grow and share with us. . . . . . .

What are you still hesitating, hurry up! !

Your gains are beyond imagination! !


Victor talent philosophy:

Victor didn't hire,

We're just looking for partners!

Today, witter is proud of you;

Tomorrow, you're proud of whittle!

The boss just built the wittle platform,

Because of your contribution, the value of the wittel!

No pains, no gains;

Victor, grow with you!


Welcome to call or visit us for inquiries!

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Address: Building 6, No. 168, Changshan Industrial Zone, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen





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