Dongguan supports enterprises "machine substitution" See the true chapter in two months

Dongguan Time Network News Yesterday, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor Yuan Baocheng and his entourage went to Shijie and Gaochun to investigate the situation of “machine substitution”. Yuan Baocheng said that within two months, the government will introduce a series of targeted policy support programs, and real money will support “machine substitution”. Deputy Mayor Zhang Ke and Municipal Government Secretary General Deng Haoquan participated in the survey.


Reading "machine substitution"


60% reduction in manpower and 1.4 times capacity increase


Yuan Baocheng and his entourage first came to Dongguan Yingju Electronics Co., Ltd. in Shijie.


"Be careful, let everyone give the robot a way." On the third floor of the gathering, next to a small robot dedicated road, Yuan Baocheng carefully reminded everyone. It turned out that a small robot carrying products was walking past the feet.


This warm picture is exactly the epitome of Yingju Electronics' implementation of "machine substitution". A set of data shows the company's "machine substitution" results. Comparison before and after the transformation: the company's manpower savings of 60%, productivity increased by 1.4 times, per capita annual output value increased by 5.4 times, total output value increased by 1.4 times, the site area saved by half.


During the entire research visit, Yuan Baocheng asked as he walked. When he learned this set of data, he highly appreciated it.


Talk about the opening question


High voices in talent, capital and industry sharing


Subsequently, Yuan Baocheng and his party also went to Guangdong Weimei Ceramics Co., Ltd. for on-the-spot investigation and held a corporate forum.


"Today, our purpose is very clear, that is, to find problems, listen to suggestions." After the field investigation, Yuan Baocheng and entrepreneur representatives held a symposium, opening a topic.


The person in charge of Weimei Ceramics first spoke, pointing directly to the difficulties encountered by enterprises in the process of “machine substitution”. Although “machine substitution” allowed the enterprise to end the “difficulty of recruiting workers” and improved the market competitiveness of enterprises, Mechatronics talents have become scarce. In bank loans, mortgages for machinery and equipment are more difficult. In particular, their machines are mainly dependent on imports, and tariffs are relatively heavy. He hopes that the government can give support and encouragement.


This speech quickly resonated on the scene. The lack of talents, high tariffs on imported equipment, large capital reforms, and the personalization of equipment applications and the sharing of industry needs have become common problems for all.


Yuan Baocheng asked while listening to the side. He said that the relevant departments of the survey will go back with the problems and seriously study and give corresponding solutions.


At the scene, there are also companies that want to set up the "Robot Application Association" and "Robot High-end Research Center." Yuan Baocheng gave a high degree of recognition and said that the government will actively promote it.


The mayor gave "the heart of the pill"


Launched a series of targeted support policies within two months


After listening to everyone's speech, Yuan Baocheng pointed out that all relevant departments at all levels should fully realize the importance of using automation and information transformation to enhance the development of traditional industries for Dongguan. It is necessary to adhere to the three principles of “government promotion, enterprise main body, and market mechanism”. The government, society, and enterprises should form a joint force to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan's manufacturing capacity, manufacturing level, and manufacturing structure.


In the face of a series of questions raised by entrepreneurs, Yuan Baocheng responded that within two months, the government will introduce a series of targeted policy support programs, and real money will support “machine substitution”.


The “machine substitution” incentive policy, what Dongguan will encourage, what to fund, what to guide, etc., will have a set of systematic texts, guide and encourage enterprises to “machine substitution”, and ensure the “machine substitution” of enterprises through resource allocation.


It is necessary to innovate a multi-channel, multi-link, and differentiated capital investment support mechanism, accurately calculate which link to supplement the policy funds, and which aspect to supplement, and enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the support funds.


Yuan Baocheng also stressed that Dongguan will further promote the integration of science and technology, finance and industry, expand ideas, and support key areas of enterprise demand and development. At the same time, it is necessary to support the promotion and application of "machine substitution" and promote the development of the robot manufacturing industry. "Songshan Lake is about to set up a robot industry base." Yuan Baocheng revealed. Reporter Wu Bihua

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