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What can be added to the "Robot +" in the era of big data?

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What can be added to the "Robot +" in the era of big data?

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Nowadays, the fast-developing Internet of Things technology can make robots perceive the surrounding environment; cloud computing technology can make robots face the diversity of human living environment, realize self-learning and work together; big data technology can make robots make intelligent decision-making, and artificial intelligence The development finally made the robot really smart.


Changed the face of traffic. When the era of driverlessness comes, traffic will become smarter and more sophisticated. Driverless cars are dispatched through the network, using big data for accurate analysis, no longer congested, never colliding... All these changes point to one word: "robot +" traffic, because the driverless car itself is a smart car robot.

In the future, in addition to various technological advances such as sensor technology and software information processing capabilities, the leap-forward development of artificial intelligence technologies (image and speech recognition, mechanical learning) such as deep learning has also promoted the ability of smart cars to further enhance their capabilities. Unmanned driving is possible. That is to say, the concept of the car will also change - the car will move from a single car to autonomous learning, network scheduling smart car machine with the robot is more and more intelligent, it will also play a major role in various fields.

First, the robot + industry: the main force of the smart factory

“Difficulties in recruiting workers” is a common phenomenon in recent years, especially in labor-intensive enterprises. The labor market in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou is frequently “labor shortage”. A robot is equivalent to three people, because the worker is an 8-hour work system, and the robot can work 24 hours a day.
On the other hand, the data show that since 2000, the average wage of employed persons in urban units in China has been increasing by more than 10% per year. In 2013, the average annual wage of non-private employees in urban areas reached 51,474 yuan, a nominal increase compared with 2012. 10.1%. The robot does not need to pay wages. If the "salary" is calculated by dividing the purchase price by the number of years of use, it is equivalent to a salary cost of less than 1,000 yuan per month.
“Machine Substitution” is to upgrade traditional industries with modern and automated equipment and promote technology dividends to replace the demographic dividend. "Machine substitution" can not only improve labor productivity, solve employment problems, but also improve occupational health and safe production levels, which will become an inevitable choice for industrial enterprises to transform and upgrade.
Second, robot + agriculture: a good helper for scientific farming
The agricultural upgrading driven by robotics is opening up new space for the improvement of farmers' lives. In addition to field operations such as planting, pesticides, and harvesting, agricultural robots can also play an important role in animal husbandry, such as milking for cows, manure handling, and applications in forestry, such as : Afforestation, logging, etc.
“Robot+” agriculture will bring a new revolution to agriculture. The “Robot+” agricultural model is mainly supported by robot technology. It integrates information technology into a whole, integrating sensing, transmission, control and operation. It has greatly advanced the standardization and standardization of agriculture, saving labor costs. It also improves the quality control ability and enhances the natural risk resistance.
“Robot” + agriculture connects crops and the Internet of Things through communication-aware technologies such as intelligent sensing, recognition technology and pervasive computing, and exchanges information and communication to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management functions. In the United States, 80% of large farms have popularized agricultural IoT technology, and through highly automated large-scale agricultural robots, three people can complete 10,000 acres of land management and corn harvesting, far more efficient than manpower.
Third, the robot + medical: doctors who are not affected by the mood
Recently, the US media has reported that whether medical institutions use surgical robots for surgery has become one of the criteria for judging whether it is a high-end hospital. Currently, 80% of US prostate removal operations are performed using surgical robots. The operating robot "Da Vinci" of Intuitive Surgical, which has the largest market share, has more than 3,100 applications worldwide since June 2014.
The surgical robot market is actually monopolized by the American Intuitive Surgery Company. Because it is a monopoly market, the price of Da Vinci surgical robots is very high. A four-armed Da Vinci robot needs about 10 million yuan. In addition to the price of the robot itself, the dedicated surgical forceps each cost 20,000 yuan, and the annual maintenance cost of the robot needs more than one million yuan.
In the "robot +" medical era, the continuous development of Da Vinci's medical surgical robot system has also raised many questions to be further studied in theory and application, especially the robot system design and system suitable for surgery. Integration and clinical application research. Governments not only hope that the research of medical surgical robot system can bring convenience to the treatment of diseases, and produce good social benefits, and further hope that the research of medical robot system can form a new economic growth point and drive "robot +" medical related. Industrial development, and obtain good economic benefits.
4. Robot + Education: Lecturer of Massive Knowledge
“Robot+” education refers to a robot specially developed by robot manufacturers to stimulate students' interest in learning and to develop students' comprehensive ability.
In the process of education, the introduction of robots can not only break the single boring teaching situation in the classroom, but also enrich the teaching content and expand the teaching methods. The NAO robot from Aldebaran in France is such an educational robot. It has a pleasing shape and a certain level of artificial intelligence to interact with students. “Robot+” education is usually fun, challenging, and stimulating. In the process of education, robots, as a powerful assistant to teaching and learning, are creating new ways of future education.
Five, robot + life: work hard to do housework
Robots have also begun to enter homes and offices to replace people in cleaning, scrubbing, guarding, cooking, caring for the elderly, receiving guests, making phone calls, and printing documents. Hotel vending and restaurant service robots, cooking robots and robot nannies have been born. Instead of labor
Sixth, robot + traffic: cars that never collide
The application of intelligent transportation technology has been significantly changed.
Seven, robot + injection molding machine: Victor - injection robot
The injection molding robot is specially equipped for the automation of injection molding production, which can reduce heavy manual labor, improve working conditions and safe production;


Eight, robot + handling: Victor - handling palletizing robot
The palletizing robot can neatly and automatically code (or disassemble) the packaged goods of different sizes on the pallet (or production line, etc.). In order to make full use of the area of the pallet and the stability of the stack material, the robot has a material pallet sequence and an arrangement setter. It can be used from low speed to high speed, from packaging bags to cartons, from palletizing a product to palletizing a variety of different products. It is used in product handling, palletizing, etc., and is widely used in various fields such as automobiles, logistics, home appliances, medicine, food and beverage.



Nine, robot + CNC: Victor-CNC robot


Ten, robot + metal stamping: Wittel - metal stamping manipulator


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