Victor Robot New Year starts! 2017, we will pick up our sleeves and cheer!

  • Dear old and new customers, friends from all walks of life:
    happy New Year!
    Shenzhen Victor Automation Technology Co., Ltd., today (February 6th, the beginning of the first month), the new year officially started!


    Victor has returned to the post, we will adhere to the "all for the customer" service concept, strive for excellence, come up with 12 points of enthusiasm, 12 points of enthusiasm, 12 points of execution, and fully committed to work!
       2017, let's pick up our sleeves and cheer!


    On New Year's Day this year, President Xi shouted the action slogan of "lifting his sleeves and cheering up", providing the Wetter people with endless energy in the new year!
    Why do you want to wear your sleeves?
    How do you cover your sleeves?
    How do you pick up your sleeves?



    One, picking up the sleeves is an attitude!
    It’s better to say that it’s better to do it. It’s better to shout the scorpion. Picking up the sleeves is an attitude to prepare for a big one, and attitude determines the behavior.
    People who have stayed in the countryside know that when the people are ready to work in the fields, they must pick up their sleeves. Picking up the sleeves tells you to work hard and tells others that I have to start work! This is an attitude! What kind of fruit is what you have.
    Attitude is like a mirror, which side you face it, and it rewards you.
    At the same time, attitude is the forerunner of behavior, and what kind of attitude determines what kind of behavior you have.
  • The ideal is far more ambitious, the goal is more specific, and there is no one entrepreneurial attitude. How can there be unremitting actions?
    Without persistent action, how can we hope to succeed?
    Therefore, 2017, it may be worthwhile to start by setting up the attitude of “sleeping your sleeves”!


    Second, picking up the sleeves is a respect for the profession
    Do a line of love, a line, what to do.
    Picking up the sleeves is a respect for work and career.
    The value of life lies in dedication, happiness, and entrepreneurship. Only in this way can we talk about happiness and happiness.
    The mountain who looks at the mountain high will only sigh all day, and will only spend time in the complaint.
    Respecting your own business and loving your own work can continue to develop and succeed.
    No matter what profession we are in, as long as we respect, we can all harvest a success that belongs to us!
    Therefore, in 2017, it is extraordinary to start from respecting your own career!


    Third, picking up the sleeves is a kind of spirit
    People do not have the spirit to stand, the enterprise has no spirit and is not strong, and "empty talks about mistakes, and does business well."
  • Picking up your sleeves is a hard work.
    Taking "walking shortcuts", "eat fast food" and "getting rich overnight" as a life creed will surely accomplish nothing.
  • The same is true for a company like this and an individual.
  • A company must have development, a family must be happy, there is no spirit, no faith, everything is a cloud.
    In 2017, let's start by building a spirit of hard work!


    Fourth, picking up the sleeves is a hope
    Because I believe that tomorrow will be better, everyone has confidence in life and is willing to work hard.
    Picking up your sleeves is a hope for the future.



    5. How do you pick up your sleeves?
    1. Love your job, it will make you more valuable
    The work is not idle, the team does not raise lazy people.
    Be sure to love your work wholeheartedly,
    Actively involved in it,
    It allows you to have something to do and have food for most of your life.
    It will also make you more valuable.
    2, don't always think that you are doing better than others
    Even if you are very good,
    Don't think that everything is better than others.
    There are many ways to do things,
    There is no perfect way,
    If you encounter difficulties, try other people's suggestions.
    Modest, people's eyes are sharp.
    3. You should like that time no matter where you go.
    I like that time,
    Complete the duties that should be completed during that period.
    Keep smiling and cherish the beautiful years.
    Don't be envious of what others have;
    As long as you work hard, time will be given to you.
    4, rather than worry about the future, it is better to work hard now
    On the road to life,
    Only struggle can give you a sense of security.
    Don't easily pin your dreams on someone.
    Don't care too much about the whispers around you.
    Because the future is your own.
    5, the height of life, is self-confident
    We are not lacking in the chips of success.
    It lacks confidence.
    All Way,
    Only when the foot is stepped on can you know its distance and twists and turns.
    Confidence is the greatest potential of people.
    6. Those who torture you are the motivation to motivate you.
    The road to life will not be smooth sailing.
    Torture you on all successful roads,
    There are hidden motives behind your motivation.
    7. Give time to people and things that are reliable
    Always filter the people around you,
    Narrow your circle of friends and leave time for
    People who really care about you, people who are sincere,
    A person who does the facts and who can teach you.