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Oblique arm manipulator control system

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Oblique arm manipulator control system

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1. The operation panel is displayed with a 3.5-inch true color screen.
2. The processor is upgraded to a high-performance 32-bit DSP processor, and the system running speed is increased by 10 times.
3, high-speed I / O transmission technology, the robot's running speed is faster, can shorten the cycle time by more than 10%.
4. The control precision is greatly improved, and the control precision of all time reaches 0.01 seconds, which can more accurately match the mold to take out the product, shorten the take-out time of the robot, and improve the efficiency of the injection molding machine.
5. Increase the memory function of the robot alarm information and take-out time to facilitate the user to view the historical operation of the robot.
6. Add a USB port to facilitate the storage and sharing of the user's module parameters, and upgrade the program through the U disk.
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