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Intelligent Industrial Robots -Application Case Scenario

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Intelligent Industrial Robots -Application Case Scenario

product description


   Intelligent Industrial Robots -Application Case Scenario


The compact drive control integrated structure, bus communication,high-speed CPU,a substantial increase in the motion track cycles and speed of response,rich software features,flexibility to support a variety variety of applications,to meet the small-volume,high-performance,cost-effective market demand.



 The mounting material


Through innovative software support, the robot can perform complex assembly process,machine loading and unloading,etc.,allow the robot to gradually meet with abrasive or components to correct location errors.

  Polished trimming


    The system can provide feedback control to correct the pressure to solve the grinding positioning due to movement,tool wear caused by the trimming error,to meet specific application needs.


Dispensing sealing


    The robot can follow the exact path uniform paint coating ,dispensing equipment can be connected via an interface,system monitoring and regulation in order to achieve precision and flexibility

Arc spot welding


Robotic welding applications very wide range of industries,by optimizing the software,you can precisely control the torch route,location,and efforts to achieve a high welding quality and efficiency.

  Stacking Handling


Palletizing robot to solve the staff of high-intensity work can be quickly generated by the software stack mode option with conveyor tracking,remote monitoring capabilities, a substantial increase in the flexibility and productivity of the production line.

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