Why do we have to localize the robot?

Some time ago, I saw Gree’s Dong Mingzhu to build robots and build high-end precision machine tools. When the news reported Dong Mingzhu’s words, some compradors or people who were not aware of it were all kinds of sarcasm and ridicule, and even more articles were written and teased. The title is probably "Gree made high-end machine tools, please remove the "machine" off" such an article to ridicule, teasing! Of course, entrepreneurs like Gree Dong Mingzhu have been through the battlefield, and the poison is not invaded. How can the swear words of the singer block the heart of a sincere heart!


Why do giant companies like Gree want to make their own things today? The long-term point is for China's manufacturing, but the deeper reason is actually long-term oppression and suppression, the Chinese manufacturing enterprises' resolute resistance, high-end machine tools to buy, and robots to buy, all foreign companies control all this, control technology, control profits, when They found that most of the profits of the company were unwilling to be taken by such enterprises. This is a kind of resistance and a manifestation of the self-improvement of the company. Therefore, I have to praise Dong Mingzhu.



Robot technology is not something you can buy if you have money?



What I want to say is that a robot-related product, if it is not made in China, will be sold to you at a price that is repeated several times. Only when genuinely competitive domestic products are produced will their prices fall sharply. Can you compare the price gap between foreign robot bodies and reducers in the past two years? The reason! I think it goes without saying!


Let's talk about the story of the switch in the communications industry! 15 years ago, a plate of 200,000. 10 years ago, 100,000. This is a normal technological advancement. But please note that the technology is not used more than NB. They are all mature technologies for more than ten years. But if people have a monopoly on technology, they can cut prices by half in five years. However, the most pit is the deflector, which is an iron plate used to fill the empty slots, guide the airflow, and control the temperature of the equipment. 35 dollars a piece, 1 kg weight, not stainless steel, not to cut prices for many years. Can you say that this is good technology? However, people monopolize the switch technology, other brands do not recognize, you dare to install it yourself, the whole machine is not guaranteed.


Ten years ago, domestic switches began to have high-end products. BUG is super. But the price is low, so it has been used since some small cities. It took 3 years to stabilize, and the failure rate is one and a half of European and American products. As soon as this result came out, the price of the imported switch began to dive. 100,000 boards, 10,000 in 5 years, and 5 years. Many European and American factories have closed down and disappeared.


As for the 35-dollar iron plate? Free delivery! Later, I made it clear that in fact, if there is no iron plate, it will be fine. this is the truth. What matters is not whether your product is refined. But their ability can make foreigners honestly cut prices.


Is the market changeable technology feasible?


The development of China's automobile industry is a failure case of "market-for-technology". Since the 1980s, in order to develop the automobile industry, China has introduced direct investment that covers almost all of the world's most famous foreign automobile manufacturers. According to the regulations of the Chinese government, foreign automobile production enterprises must set up enterprises in China with a 50% joint venture with China's automobile production enterprises. The cars produced by the joint ventures can be sold in the Chinese market. The original intention of the Chinese government is to open up the automobile market in China and let foreign and Chinese-funded enterprises jointly establish joint ventures for production, so as to master foreign advanced automobile production technology. In short, it is "to change the market with technology."



Take the production of cars as an example, it contains many technologies, such as mold manufacturing technology, chassis suspension technology, body painting technology, body welding technology, etc., but the core technology is engine and transmission manufacturing technology. Because the core technology is a trade secret related to the competitiveness of enterprises, multinational corporations will not cultivate their competitors by means of foreign direct investment. The more core production technology, the stronger the confidentiality. China's joint venture automobile manufacturers do not master the design and manufacturing technology of advanced engines and transmissions.




The localization rate of automobiles imported from automobile manufacturers in developed countries can generally reach more than 80%. However, due to the lack of independent technological innovation capability of China's joint-venture automobile enterprises, key automobile components still rely on imports from foreign automobile companies. The introduction of a foreign model fell behind after several years of production, and had to introduce a new foreign model, which was caught in a vicious circle of “introduction – backwardness – re-introduction”.


Now, the field of industrial robots has also begun to call for the market to change technology, but can it really work? The success rate is 1%.


The inability of domestically produced robots means that they need to purchase at high prices in the international market, and they are facing technical blockades and bans on exports at any time. This means that the huge domestic procurement demand will only fatten a group of compradors, while only a group of engineering students in China can Joining high-tech companies in the world to get high salaries, others can only join the foundry.


So why should robots be localized? Because this world has never been a free market economy, it is still a typical jungle law. Any time, only you can make it, others will talk to you about the free market. When you can't make it, face it with high price dumping, or a complete embargo. Localization does not guarantee the lowest price of all domestically produced products, but it guarantees the lowest price of a package.

Why do we have to localize the robot, in order not to be bullied, in order to sigh, the more realistic point is to make money to support the family! No?

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