2016 global industrial robot orders and inventory counts (China's first)

The first ten countries and regions in 2016 are China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. Among them, China ranks first in the world with 85,000 orders. In 2016, the global industrial robot order volume was 258,900 units, with 177,000 units in stock, 85,000 units in China, and 332,300 units in stock.


Industrial robots are used more and more widely, and even in many traditional industrial fields, people are trying to make robots work instead of humans, as is the case in the food industry. The food industry robots that have been developed include canned robots, automatic lunch robots, and cutting beef robots. Robots are used in food processing.


This year China has become the largest market for the global industrial robot industry, and the Chinese robot industry is basically a foregone conclusion. China's expansion of industrial robot purchases is due to factors such as rising wage costs and increased competition in other emerging economies, and the search for new technologies to increase productivity.





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