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Welding Series--H06N

product description


    Six-axis industrial robot - Welding Series


     Equipped with riot control and control cabinet,taught and programmed to ensure job security within the hazardous area,provides a standard interface ,it can carry a common arc welding ,spot welding equipment,is equipped with laser -guided vision,start sensing and tactile sensing , real time path modify , collaborative multi-axis positioning motion detection, pre-filling through Fox adaptive welding after welding, torch automatic calibration, multi-channel adaptive filling and other advanced features,accurate control torch position and intensity of acceleration for a variety of different thicknesses and types welding material.




  Equipped with miniaturized drive controller integrated bus communication control system, with rapid configuration ,traction teach , visual guidance , collision detection,feature-rich applications to meet a variety of application needs of customers.


FlexPendant VC8.4


     4.3 -inch high-definition color display,processing implementation taught by riot riot in the region, editor job security ,you can display the current location I/O signal combining information and customized display interface,with precise trajectory control and high-speed data loader executive function,salable external USB storage device to improve storage capacity.

   Control cabinet VT-8.8


    The compact control cabinet and simple cable ,saving the user installation space and transportation costs;the controller is equipped robot control library and I/O module control functions.  Support Ether CAT,CAN Open field bus.self-diagnosis DIAG,as well as remote diagnostics and network maintenance functions.

    Rich internal interface


24 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs ;2-way and two -way-4-20mA 0-10V analog input;2-way and one-way 0-10V4-20mA analog output;standard DB9 male and female seat one each channeling communication interface;reserve1channel RJ45external interface;scalable control of peripheral devices,up to additional axes,with multiple bus compatible.


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